Let's Do Life Together

Life Groups

Our Life Groups are designed to be a place where you can interact with God’s Word while you connect with others through conversation and fellowship. Here at Crosslink, we love our weekly worship gathering but we recognize as we grow bigger, we must also think smaller. The worship hour is wonderful for praising Jesus collectively and for hearing the truth from God’s Word during the sermon, but it is difficult to form friendships and to ask questions.

Our groups meet in 3 trimesters per year (Winter, Summer, & Fall) with a registration month in between. This allows for clear and easy times for you to join a group. We have groups for general audiences, men, women, couples, singles, young adults, seniors, and other stages of life. This style of Life Groups allows you to participate in various groups throughout the year and meet new people.

Trimester Schedule

Winter Trimester: January – March (December Registration)

Summer Trimester: May – July (April Registration)

Fall Trimester: September – November (August Registration)

Interested in Facilitating?

We are always looking for people who are willing to facilitate a Life Group. You do not have to be a theologian or a teacher, just someone who loves people and is willing to help lead discussions. If you are interested in becoming a Life Group Facilitator, please click the link below.


Facilitating Study and Discussion

Recruitment and Co Facilitating

Outreach and Fellowship

RightNow Media

One of our resources for Life Groups and at home disciple making is RightNow Media. It’s basically Netflix for Bible Studies. It is a great tool to make facilitating a Life Group simple, as well as for doing family discipleship. This is a free service available to all who attend Crosslink. To register for a free account, click the link below.