Love People

Let's Do Life Together

Crosslink is not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups. As Crosslink grows in membership, we must make small groups a priority. Our expectation is for every member to be in a small group. Here at Crosslink, we call our small groups “Life Groups.” Life Groups are a place for Bible study, fellowship, and outreach. These groups meet throughout the week in various locations to maximize our reach. Our Life Groups are organized into 3 semesters a year: Winter (January-March), Summer (May-July), and Fall (September-November). Registration months (April, August, & December) are between the semesters and provide a clear way to join a group.

Interested in Joining a Life Group?

Our Life Groups are designed to be a place where you can interact with God’s Word while you connect with others through conversation and fellowship. Here at Crosslink, we love our weekly worship gathering but we recognize as we grow bigger we must also think smaller. The worship hour is wonderful for praising Jesus collectively and for hearing the truth from God’s Word during the sermon, but it is difficult to form friendships and to ask questions.


Serving others is a privilege and a joy for the believer. While we are called to serve others daily wherever we go, here at Crosslink we have Serve Teams that exist to help you plug in and serve. We have many different ways to serve from greeting people as they enter for worship, working with kids & students, to serving behind the scenes in the café or tech team. Click on the link below to learn more about our Serve Teams and to choose where you want to serve.


When someone joins a local church through membership, they are making a visible commitment to Jesus and his people. By joining Crosslink, you are committing to serving others and walking together to follow Christ. Click below to read about our membership process and to register for one of our upcoming Membership Classes.